On Saturday, June 3, all SIM cards that do not have billing information added to Particle accounts will be deactivated. While the Hackpack is yours to experiment with, the SIM card requires a subscription in order to continue the same functionality you enjoyed at SIGNAL.
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you@signal:~/hackpack$ man hackpack


Discover what you can do with your Hackpack.

Only at SIGNAL / The Developer Conference by Twilio



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What is Hackpack?

Every ticket to SIGNAL includes a limited-edition hackable swag we call Hackpack. Each year of the conference features a unique Hackpack with a new application, and it’s only available at SIGNAL.

  1. A custom-fabricated circuit board with 16 Neopixel LEDs
  2. Particle Electron 3G
  3. A mysterious cartridge connector
  4. Lithium Ion 2000MAH 3.7V
  1. 1. Claim your hackpack

    Claim your hackpack by texting your hackID to SIGNAL(744625). Your hackpack is now linked to your phone number.

  2. 2. Make your mark

    Your hackpack has the power to place a custom block on the large display in the Hack Lounge.

    After you’ve claimed your hackpack, plug it into the console to place your block on the screen. Your block will be identified by your hackID.

  3. 3. Get creative

    Texting commands to SIGNAL(744625) will affect your block on the display. For example:

    Text Command


    Color #f22f46
    Block turns red
    TIP: Maybe ‘palegoldenrod’ or ‘steelblue’ are more your flavor. Your Hackpack understands HEX codes & CSS colors.
    Move 20, 15
    Places your block 20 spaces to the right and 15 spaces down.
    TIP: ‘Move’ command takes (x,y) coordinates.
    Brightness 10%
    Changes the brightness of your block to 10%
    Animate chase
    Animates the LEDs on your hackpack in a chase sequence.
    TIP: Try sending ‘block’, ‘fade’,’custom’.
    Finds your block on the display
    TIP: If you’re having trouble getting your commands to complete, try moving to a different location where cell signal may be stronger.
  4. Feeling Ambitious?

    Team up with other SIGNAL attendees to combine blocks and draw a larger image on the screen.

  5. 4. Test the limits

    Find out what else your Hackpack is capable of.

    Claim the Particle Electron that drives your Hackpack and modify the firmware to customize both your Hackpack cartridge and your block on the Hack Lounge display.

    Claim Your Particle Electron