you@signal:~/hackpack$ hackpack


Discover what you can do with your Hackpack.

Created with Artboard by Twilio / Only available at SIGNAL 2018


Post SIGNAL: Exit the Kiosk

  1. Download our Kiosk-free firmware image and decompress.
  2. Using Etcher, burn it to a 8GB or larger MicroSD Card (further details here).
  3. Insert the MicroSD Card into your Hackpack and power on.
  4. Let the Hackpack reboot once, then follow these instructions to set up Wi-Fi.
  5. Build something amazing.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

What is Hackpack?

Every ticket to SIGNAL includes a limited-edition hackable swag we call Hackpack. Each year of the conference features a unique Hackpack with a new application, and it’s only available at SIGNAL.

  • A custom-fabricated circuit board + Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 8,000 mAh power bank
  • Velcro strap + belt clip
  • Mirco USB to USB cord
  • Custom 3D printed frame

Player 1 00000

Top Score 130250

It's dangerous to go alone.

Take this

Every quest needs a hero.

The avatar you create on Hackpack will represent you throughout the conference. You can equip your avatar directly on your Hackpack, or log into TwilioQuest to create it there.

Earn coins. Get swag.

Earn SIGNAL coins for exploring the conference—attending sessions, interacting with the environment, completing missions in TwilioQuest, and more. Your SIGNAL coins are exchangeable for limited-edition Twilio swag at the IRL swag store.

Interact with the environment.

Hackpack knows how to talk to the environment at SIGNAL. From controlling large-scale games with the joystick, to seeing your avatar on the big screen, you’ll want to keep your Hackpack with you.

A platform for hacking

A web browser that knows tricks

Hackpack boots into a special SIGNAL interface we made to guide you through the conference. But you don’t need to stay in our walled garden; you can send it to any URL. Your web app has full access to the joystick, game buttons, and LED bar.

Blinking lights

Hackpack wouldn’t be complete without lights that blink. This year we added five.

A badge that runs Linux

It’s a fully-integrated Raspberry Pi, gamepad, with a screen. And a DEF CON® SAO header for whatever reason.

Plays nice with others

Hackpack v4 is part of a much bigger family of hackable oddities.

Defcon Sh*tty Add-Ons Compatible

Hackpack is compatible with the Defcon Sh*tty Add-Ons protocol by way of the innocuous pinset in the top right corner of Hackpack. Add delightful, weird attachments to Hackpack.

Serial port on-board

In the realm of the less esoteric, Hackpacks include a white Seeed Grove connector with 3.3v serial signals broken out.